The Hallotober Tag

Firstly, I want to thank Anne from Rooting Branches for tagging me for this spooky tag! (You should check out her blog, it’s awesome!)

The Hallotober Tag was created by Jordanne from The Life Of A Glasgow Girl. 👻

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3 Bookish Things I’m Thankful For

In Canada, Thanksgiving happens in October rather than November. And, while the holiday itself is undoubtably problematic, the sentiments behind taking time to feel grateful and pay thanks to the people and things in your life that matter still feels worthwhile to me. (But not celebrating/romanticizing the brutalism of colonizers.)

I’ve been book blogging now for 5 months (almost half a year!) and there’s so much about this experience I never could have anticipated when I wrote my first post, and even more I’m incredibly THANKFUL for.

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The Three Mrs. Wrights: ARC Book Review

This book was a disappointment for me, unfortunately. I really wanted to like it, but it just fell flat. I think the biggest mark against this book for me as a reader was a disconnect between the genres this book was advertised as, and what it felt like to me after reading it.

The book first piqued my interest because it was categorized under Mystery/Thrillers. That, coupled with the exciting description, had me hooked before even turning a page! Unfortunately, there was hardly ANY aspect of this story that fit the requirements of a suspenseful mystery novel…

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A Golden Fury: Blog Tour & Book Review

A Golden Fury is a YA historical fantasy that tells the story of Thea Hope – the 17-year-old daughter of the famed alchemist Marguerite Hope – in her attempt to create the ultimate alchemical creation, the Philosopher’s Stone, in an attempt to cure her mother’s madness. Set during the French Revolution, Thea finds herself in a precarious position when her mother goes mad in the middle of her attempt to create the Philosopher’s Stone.

With tensions rising between France and England, and her mother’s failing sanity, her mother’s benefactor decides to send Thea back to England – a place she hasn’t been since she was very little – to stay with her estranged father, a man Thea did not know about until the moment she was told she must leave. It turns out Thea’s father hadn’t known about her existence either, and isn’t exactly welcoming to the intrusion on his orderly life as a professor of alchemy at Oxford. The sole silver lining for Thea is that her most dear friend – and long-time crush – Will is living in London, and if Thea has the chance to get away from her father, she’ll be able to reunite with him.

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The Classics Book Tag

Firstly, I’d like to thank Brittany from Book Ramblings for tagging me in the book tag! 🥰 The Classics Book Tag was originally created by Vienna from It’s a Books World.

Brittany changed up the format a little bit because she wanted to relate the tag to her experience in her English classes (also a big CONGRATS to Brittany for completing her degree!! 🎉), but since I’m not cool enough to be in any English classes I decided to answer the original tag’s questions instead!

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