The Broken Hearts Honeymoon: ARC Book Review

When Charlotte’s childhood-sweetheart-turned-fiancé gets cold feet mere weeks before the wedding, Charlotte knows it’s time to say sayonara. But what she can’t seem to break up with is the month-long honeymoon trip to Japan she planned back when she was living what she thought to be her happily ever after. Newly single, Charlotte decides to venture off alone with the hope of finding out who she is on her own – without the man who’s been in her life since she was a kid.

Rather than a love story, this is a tale about falling in love with yourself.

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What Alice Forgot: Book Review

This story is told from the perspective of three women: Alice, the titular character, her sister Elisabeth, and her stand-in grandmother, Frannie. Each of the women are dealing with a different set of challenges in their lives.

Alice, having just woken up what appears to be 10 years into her future is reconciling with having amnesia and trying to figure out who this older version of herself is, because she and her life are nothing like how Alice envisioned things going. At the same time, Elisabeth – her perspective told in the form of letters to her therapist (as a form of therapeutic exercise) – is reconciling with her recurrent infertility as her and her husband go through round after round of continued unsuccessful IVF treatment. Meanwhile, Frannie’s is the story of slowly falling in love for the first time in a very long time with a fellow nursing home tenant, told in the form of letters to a long-lost lover.

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OMG / I Know That Song Book Tag

Thank you to Luxe from Mind of Luxe for tagging me in this book tag! 💖

THE RULES: For each prompt provide a song and book that fit the description.

MY JAM: A song you still listen to no matter how many times you’ve heard it and a book that you’ll never get sick of.

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June 2020: Monthly Wrap-Up and Thoughts After One Month of Blogging

It’s already been my first month of blogging (well, give or take a few days) – hard to believe it passed by so quickly!

I actually made this blog because I found myself with more time on my hands than usual – not only was I socially distancing because of Covid-19, but my partner was also dog sitting for her sister, so I was stuck at home, alone for the first time in what felt like a very long time.

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The Last to Know: ARC Book Review

It has been a while since I read a good mystery/thriller, and I’m very pleased to say that Furniss’s newest novel fits that description perfectly.

The Last to Know is told from two perspectives: Rose Kynaston, the wife of Dylan Kynaston, a man known infamously in his hometown of Hurtwood as the son of an alleged child-abuser who pushed his victim to commit suicide; and Ellie Trevelyan, a local police sergeant of the soon-to-be-closed Hurtwood police department. Both are trying to solve the cold case of Kenny Bale, the boy who died while under the care of Rose’s father-in-law. But while Rose is trying to clear the name of the family she married into, Ellie believes the Kynaston’s are hiding more than they let on…

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