Love Is a Revolution: ARC Book Review

I really appreciated how Love is a Revolution is a YA novel written for a YA audience. Nowadays YA encompasses such a broad range of maturity levels. So, sometimes I’ll read a YA book and it’ll includes some seriously adult-like problems/contexts, and have wonder if I would actually recommend it to a young teen to read.

You can tell Watson wrote this story with a teen audience in mind. Meaning that it may not be the most mature, nuanced book, but nor does it boast to be. The characters in Love is a Revolution feel real, are realistically flawed, and read like actual teenagers. This is the sort of book I would highly recommend to young teens, as I can easily believe they’d feel themselves represented in its pages. And its main message: to love yourself and be true to you, is a one I think a lot of teens could benefit from hearing repeated.

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The Lore of Prometheus: Blog Tour & Book Review

Things haven’t been the same for John Carver since returning home from Afghanistan. Not since the dead – his former squad mates – have started to visit him. It doesn’t help that the same event that killed his squad mates is also the one that caused him to be known infamously as the ‘miracle of Kabul.’

Unable to get by on his own, John enlists the help of an old military friend who gets him a position as a security consultant for an important government official. The catch? The job will take him back to Afghanistan. And when things don’t go exactly as planned, soon John finds himself kidnapped and chained with little means for escape.

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The Love Square: ARC Book Review

Penny’s life is mostly on track. She owns and operates her own cafe, Bridges, where business is booming. But she’s always been unlucky when it comes to love. That’s why, when she meets a fellow chef and all-around heartthrob, Francesco, she’s hesitant to initiate anything. But fate seems to have other plans, and they find themselves once again crossing paths. This time, Penny takes the leap. But after a few weeks of whirlwind romance, Penny is forced to leave her life in London – and Francesco – behind.

What follows is Penny’s year in small town, Derbyshire, where she tries to make the best of being put in charge of her uncle’s restaurant, The Red Panda. Along the way she meets two more suitors, the distinguished Priyesh and the playboy Thomas, who she starts seeing as well. But which man of the three really has Penny’s heart? And is a man really what she needs to be happy?

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You Are Your Own Fairy Tale: Series Review

For some reason I find myself returning to Amanda Lovelace’s works over and over again, even though in the past I haven’t enjoyed them much. Her most popular work, The Princess Saves Herself in This One, really didn’t do a lot for me. While I did connect with the topics of that poetry collection, the execution just fell flat.

So, when I saw that she was coming out with a new series, tackling fairy tale retellings from a feminist perspective – a concept which I loved – I couldn’t help being drawn to them…. even with my track record.

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Lava Red Feather Blue: ARC Book Review

Lava Red Feather Blue is a modern-day, urban fantasy, queer re-telling of Sleeping Beauty. But unlike in the fairy tale, this story doesn’t end when the princess – or in this case, the prince – awakens. In fact, that’s where the story begins.

Merrick Highvalley is an endo witch (a witch who can alter only himself), and a descendent of the infamous Rosamund Highvalley, the only witch to ever possess all three magical abilities (endo, exo, and matter); the witch who famously put Prince Larkin into a deep sleep over 200 years ago. But what history books don’t know is that Prince Larkin – hailed as being the most benevolent prince to ever exist after sacrificing himself to help put Ula Kana, a evil fire fae, to rest as well – was entrapped against his will by Rosamund Highvalley herself.

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