Kate in Waiting: Blog Tour & Book Review

I’m so excited to share my review of Kate in Waiting by Becky Albertalli with all of you – I had so much fun reading this book!

As someone who spent the better part of her high school career as a certifiable musical theatre geek, this book felt so nostalgic to me, in the best way. There’s just something so magical about putting on a high school musical, and Albertalli really captured that feeling in this novel. It made me long for my old musical days. ❤️

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Wings of Ebony: ARC Book Review

Wings of Ebony tells the story of Rue, a Black teen from Houston, who also happens to be half-god. When her mother is shot dead on her doorstep, Rue learns of her absent father’s heritage – and why he’s been forced to stay away. Soon, and against her will, she’s taken to the magically hidden island of Ghazan, where she’s given the gift of magic, but restricted from ever returning to where she grew up, East Row.

But with the anniversary of her mother’s death approaching, Rue can’t help wanting to go back to her old neighbourhood and check up on her little half-sister, Tasha. So, her and her Ghazani friend, Bree, develop the means for her to leave the island undetected… But things quickly spiral out of control when Rue’s forced to save her sister’s life in a near-fatal accident.

And soon Rue learns her two worlds, that of East Row and Ghazan, are not so disconnected after all.

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Float Plan: Blog Tour & Book Review

On the day when she was meant to set out on her sailing trip through the Caribbean with her late fiancé, Anna decides to leave her life and sail the journey they had always planned to do together – alone. But she quickly realizes she’s in over her head. That’s where she meets Keane, a disabled sailor who’s struggling to find his place in the world after the accident that left him with one amputated leg means he’s more of a liability than an asset when it comes to crewing.

Together, the two set out to explore Caribbean islands and travel to Trinidad, the final destination on Ben’s map, learning more than they could have expected about loss and love along the way.

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Finlay Donovan is Killing It: ARC Book Review

Finlay Donovan is a trashy novelist and struggling mother of two. Recently divorced from her cheater-of-an-ex-husband, Finlay is left to raise her children on her own, and the bills are beginning to pile up… What’s worse, her sleazy ex-husband and his new fling (Finlay’s real estate agent, no less) would like nothing more than to capitalize on her financial troubles as a means to win full-custody of her kids.

So when she’s accidentally mistaken as a killer for hire when her conversation with her publicist about the plot of her latest novel is overhear and misunderstood, Finlay finds herself at a crossroads. Do the hit, take the money, pay her bills and live happily ever after – or don’t, and watcher her slimy ex-husband and his new lover use their fancy lawyer to steal her children.

Too bad things are never as simple as they seem, and her intended target is definitely no simple man, but someone very well connected in the criminal underworld…

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The Divines: ARC Book Review

“The divines” are the epitome of privilege, students at the elite boarding school, St John the Divine, these girls have it all. Equally feared by their teachers as they are hated by the townies where their school is situated, the divines believe themselves to be above all. Consequences can’t touch them.

That is, until Gerry Lake winds up sprawled out on the grass lawn, unresponsive, and rushed to Emergency.

Taking place across two timelines, The Divines tells the story of Josephine – or Jo as she’s referred to during her English boarding school days, and Sephine as she calls herself forever after. Josephine is determined to separate these two parts of her life, considering herself a different person than who she was all those years ago. But no matter how much she tries to forget, memories of what went down that fateful junior year continue to bombard her, making her question whether people can really change.

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