The Innkeeper’s Daughter: ARC Book Review

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a sucker for beautiful book covers. The first thing that drew me to this title was the gorgeous – and I mean gorgeous – cover art. And after reading the synopsis I was even more intrigued! The Innkeeper’s Daughter boasts of having it all – historical romance, suspense, mystery… As a fan of both period romances and mystery/thrillers, you can bet how excited I was to pick this novel up.

The mix of genres aside, from what I can see, The Innkeeper’s Daughter is first and foremost advertised as a romance between Eliza, the daughter of a deceased innkeeper on the lam from her abusive fiancé and step-father, and Henry, a known playboy and secret agent of the crown … something I found unfortunate, because the romantic aspects of the plot were my least favorite. 😕

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The War Widow: ARC Book Review

Billie Walker could hardly be described as doing – or being – what is “expected” for a typical Australian woman in 1946. A war reporter during the Second World War, Billie has now returned to Sydney, Australia, having lost both her father – due to his ill health – and her husband, Jack. Jack is missing, and presumed dead, making Billie and unofficial “war widow.” Being all on her own, and her mother’s fortune dwindling in the post-wartime, Billie takes over her late father’s business, a private investigation agency, and is determined to make a name for herself.

But when Billie is hired to find a missing teenager, Adin Brown, the job winds up being much more complicated than her typical cheating-husband-recon cases. Tie in her complicated relationship with the police force, a Detective Hank Cooper in particular, and her promises to help her friend/informant Shyla protect young indigenous girls from a sketchy man known solely by the name “Frank”, things become even more tangled. And Billie may just find herself in over her head…

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A Curse of Roses: ARC Book Review

A Curse of Roses is a queer retelling of the Portuguese legend, the Miracle of Roses, which is the story of Rainha Santa Isabel. In this 13th century reimagining by Diana Pinguicha, Isabel is Yzabel – princess of Aragon and Majorca and betrothed to the king of Portugal and the Algraves. With Yzabel’s nuptials to King Denis in the near future, she shouldn’t feel anything but anticipated joy. But things are not as hopeful as they may first appear.

Portugal is starving – slowly, but surely. And Yzabel has been cursed so that every piece of food she touches instantly turns into roses. Luckily, there seems to be a way to cure her of this plight. If she’s able to find the Enchanted Moura Fatyan – entrapped forever in a magical stone – and is able to free her from her prison, legend has it that the Enchanted Moura will grant Yzabel her wish – to be free of this alleged curse.

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A Golden Fury: Blog Tour & Book Review

A Golden Fury is a YA historical fantasy that tells the story of Thea Hope – the 17-year-old daughter of the famed alchemist Marguerite Hope – in her attempt to create the ultimate alchemical creation, the Philosopher’s Stone, in an attempt to cure her mother’s madness. Set during the French Revolution, Thea finds herself in a precarious position when her mother goes mad in the middle of her attempt to create the Philosopher’s Stone.

With tensions rising between France and England, and her mother’s failing sanity, her mother’s benefactor decides to send Thea back to England – a place she hasn’t been since she was very little – to stay with her estranged father, a man Thea did not know about until the moment she was told she must leave. It turns out Thea’s father hadn’t known about her existence either, and isn’t exactly welcoming to the intrusion on his orderly life as a professor of alchemy at Oxford. The sole silver lining for Thea is that her most dear friend – and long-time crush – Will is living in London, and if Thea has the chance to get away from her father, she’ll be able to reunite with him.

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The Silvered Serpents: ARC Book Review

Only recently have I started reading newer series that are still in the works, with upcoming instalments that have yet to be released. So, it’s been so long since I strayed from reading stand-alone novels or, if choosing to venture out into a book series, delving into one that hasn’t already been concluded. I forgot the feeling that grips you when reading an amazing, totally compelling book series without a complete finale. That insatiable need-to-know that can’t be fulfilled no matter how much you want it.

And The Silvered Serpents brought all that back to me. Oh so effortlessly.

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