The Lore of Prometheus: Blog Tour & Book Review

Things haven’t been the same for John Carver since returning home from Afghanistan. Not since the dead – his former squad mates – have started to visit him. It doesn’t help that the same event that killed his squad mates is also the one that caused him to be known infamously as the ‘miracle of Kabul.’

Unable to get by on his own, John enlists the help of an old military friend who gets him a position as a security consultant for an important government official. The catch? The job will take him back to Afghanistan. And when things don’t go exactly as planned, soon John finds himself kidnapped and chained with little means for escape.

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Finlay Donovan is Killing It: ARC Book Review

Finlay Donovan is a trashy novelist and struggling mother of two. Recently divorced from her cheater-of-an-ex-husband, Finlay is left to raise her children on her own, and the bills are beginning to pile up… What’s worse, her sleazy ex-husband and his new fling (Finlay’s real estate agent, no less) would like nothing more than to capitalize on her financial troubles as a means to win full-custody of her kids.

So when she’s accidentally mistaken as a killer for hire when her conversation with her publicist about the plot of her latest novel is overhear and misunderstood, Finlay finds herself at a crossroads. Do the hit, take the money, pay her bills and live happily ever after – or don’t, and watcher her slimy ex-husband and his new lover use their fancy lawyer to steal her children.

Too bad things are never as simple as they seem, and her intended target is definitely no simple man, but someone very well connected in the criminal underworld…

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Of Magpies and Men: ARC Book Review

This novel starts with two bodies washing up on the shore a small, Italian village. But how did they get there? As the clues get uncovered, it appears as though there may have been some foul play involved…

Taking place across multiple timelines, Of Magpies and Men tells the story of Benedict Grant, a lonely, workaholic, living a picture-perfect life that feels like a lie, and Marie Boulanger, a loving and hardworking, single mother who can’t seem to escape poverty. While it seems as if their lives couldn’t be more separate, when a long kept secret is finally revealed, they inexplicably find their fates barreling towards each other.

Told from mainly Benedict’s and Marie’s perspectives, with a few others thrown in along the way, Of Magpies and Men weaves a complicated tale that spans years, with unanticipated consequences lurking around every corner.

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The Push: ARC Book Review

Blythe comes from a long line of poor mothers and broken homes. Her husband, Fox’s family, on the other hand, is anything but dysfunctional. So when Fox starts to push for the two of them to have a child of their own, Blythe is nervous, but determined to do better than her mother ever did for her.

But even the best intentions don’t always lead to the most favourable result. And while Blythe does everything in her power to be the best mother she can be, things never seem to “click” between her and her daughter Violet. And as Violet grows older, Blythe’s concerns grow too. Violet doesn’t behave the way Blythe thinks children ought to. She’s cold, callous and demonstrates a lack of empathy.

But Fox doesn’t share in any of Blythe’s concerns. In fact, he thinks their daughter is perfectly normal for her age. It’s Blythe that he’s concerned about. And as their mother-daughter relationship becomes even more strained, the more Fox worries about his wife’s grip on reality…

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The War Widow: ARC Book Review

Billie Walker could hardly be described as doing – or being – what is “expected” for a typical Australian woman in 1946. A war reporter during the Second World War, Billie has now returned to Sydney, Australia, having lost both her father – due to his ill health – and her husband, Jack. Jack is missing, and presumed dead, making Billie and unofficial “war widow.” Being all on her own, and her mother’s fortune dwindling in the post-wartime, Billie takes over her late father’s business, a private investigation agency, and is determined to make a name for herself.

But when Billie is hired to find a missing teenager, Adin Brown, the job winds up being much more complicated than her typical cheating-husband-recon cases. Tie in her complicated relationship with the police force, a Detective Hank Cooper in particular, and her promises to help her friend/informant Shyla protect young indigenous girls from a sketchy man known solely by the name “Frank”, things become even more tangled. And Billie may just find herself in over her head…

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