2020 in Review & 2021 Resolutions: A Yearly Wrap-Up

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a happy 2021! 🥳

Also… GUYS, I READ 110 BOOKS THIS YEAR!!!???? I know for some book bloggers that’s like the norm. But for me it’s HUUUGE! I literally started this year by saying, if possible I’d like to aim for a book a month this year, and see where that goes… Like, for real, my original Goodreads Challenge was 12 books! TWELVE. BOOKS.

It had been honestly a long time – longer than I’d like to admit! – since I had really read more than a book or two in a year. But at the end of last year I experienced something that made me sit up and really question if I was prioritizing the things in my life that really mattered to me.

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